Fine Artist & Photographer

About the Artist

Bryan Paul Patterson

b. 1986, USA

Ringling College of Art & Design - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Class of 2012

“In art, I have discovered an insatiable habit for conceptual and perceptual exploration. I use my mediums not only to communicate an expanded understanding of the tangible world; but to explore and interpret my own personal inner realms. 

The quality that draws me so strongly to photography as a medium is the tacit agreement that the viewer of photographic art makes with the work itself. Photography always promises an implicit reality - no matter how manipulated or surreal it becomes. With a skilled artist, the viewer’s mind accepts the image grain by grain (or pixel for pixel) as an arrangement of photons, presented as they were captured, from whatever scene or subject is depicted. In this way, the artist can create whole surrogate realities as deceptive or truthful as he or she decides - without paint or pretense or conceptual sleight-of-hand dividing these worlds from the real. This lack of “psychic separation” from the audience is a constant source of inspiration for me.  I love the idea that I can so easily provide others with an entry-point into my own imagination. The goal of my work has always been to exploit visual communication in order to transport the viewer to the same liminal worlds that I wander in my conscious and subconscious mind. 

I think a fitting summary of my practice is that I constantly strive to push the final product beyond what it seems at face-value. Whether the final act is through choice of medium, digital manipulation, conceptual meandering, etc. - I try to create images with a life of their own. I want my work to speak for itself, and speak differently to each person who sees it. Hopefully, in the process, it will form a connection with some that will last beyond the initial slight glance."